Watchdog taking campaign against


“Today, we begin an effort to contact every NBC affiliate across the country, as well as the top NBC executives, with a message about NBC’s fall series, “The Playboy Club,” said Patrick Trueman, director of the War on Illegal Pornography and President of Morality in Media.  “That message is this, ‘Sexual exploitation is to be condemned, not programmed on network TV.'”

The NBC offering has been refused by the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, but has already been picked up by the local MNT affiliate.

MiM has assembled a 110-member coalition of organizations representing supporters in the “hundreds of thousands” to pressure other NBC affiliates to refuse the program. Regional coordinators are being assigned to organize the pressure.

“Idolizing hardcore porn king Hugh Hefner might be a suitable topic for a porn movie but most people will want to keep that kind of trash programming out of their homes.  Studies consistently demonstrate that pornography harms people and leads to violence against women, sexual trafficking, sexual addiction, destruction of families, and so much more harm.  Why would NBC promote such harmful behavior?” Trueman asked.

RBR-TVBR observation: It really would be nice for NBC to at least have a chance to break the rules before everybody goes into a tizzy. And it really would be nice for the content nannies to some day come to the realization that there is no way to stop the full spectrum of human experience from finding its way into our art and literature.

Trueman may be able to earn a living fighting his fight, but he ultimately cannot win the fight – and as we’ve stated before, we strongly suspect that this show will be squarely within the letter of the law when it comes to content.