Watchdog using radio to attack AZ immigration bill


An organization called Americans for America is going after Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), calling for his opposition to the bill aimed at illegal immigrants recently passed in Arizona, and is using radio there to take the message specifically to college students.

There is also an ad going on air in Colorado targeting Republican senatorial candidate Jane Norton, and bilingual ads are in the works to be run in Las Vegas NV.

The Arizona ads urge listeners to contact McCain and in turn urge him to oppose the Arizona legislation, which would subject citizens to having their citizenship challenged on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant, forcing them to produce proof of citizenship on the spot.

The 30-second ad features typical college kids holding a typical Cinco de Mayo party, and getting challenged by policemen who notes they are consuming Mexican drinks, listening to Mexican music and speaking Spanish. The ad reminds the students that for their Hispanic colleagues at their school, the dramatization is possibly the new reality.

RBR-TVBR observation: Politicians and groups seeking to influence politicians should take note of this. Besides being reasonably priced, radio offers the ability to precisely target your audience, offering efficiency and ROI that is difficult for most other media to match.