Watchdog watched too many WS ads


WatchdogsA consumer watchdog called Americans for Responsible Advertising is taking Fox to task for laying on the advertising during its broadcast of Major League Baseball’s World Series.

The Series, in which the San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals, went seven games. AFRA closely monitored Game 5.

It said that ads consumed 25% of airtime, and that additional advertising was also inescapable as the game progressed.

The broadcast of the game lasted 191 minutes (three hours plus) and included 47minutes of commercial time. There were full screen commercials between innings, with breaks running about three minutes each, as well as partial screen brought-to-you-by messages when the broadcast resumed, lasting 15 seconds and touting one of three sponsors.

It didn’t end there. AFRA stated, “People who watched the telecast were exposed to lots of visual advertising other than television advertising. There was hardly a square inch of AT&T Park that wasn’t covered with a sign or banner of some sort.”

AFRA said the 25% total compares unfavorably to the 18% ad composition of NBC’s 2014 U.S. Open broadcast.


  1. Please…. OH Please…. Give me a Break. If Fox can sell it… and advertisers purchase it…. and it’s during a game… what’s the big deal?
    If the viewer doesn’t like the number of ads…. then they can turn off the game and listen to radio…. which probably has the same number…. OR… they can purchase tickets to the game and see all the billboards, electronic ads, and hear all the audio announcements from the sound system.

    AFRA, grow up… find something worthy to complain, bitch, or what have you…

    Gee, maybe Public Broadcasting will purchase the rights to the World Series when they comes up again… and do the broadcast for free.

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