Watchdogs battle Hispanic daytime talker (video)


The National Hispanic Media Coalition and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation are teaming together to starve EstrellaTV daytime confrontational talk show “José Luis Sin Censura.” They are urging advertisers to abandon and affiliates to drop the Liberman Broadcasting-distributed program.

NHMC and GLAAD object to many aspects of the program, including language, violence, nudity and gay slurs. They say if that if this were an English-language program, it would already be in hot water.

Two big advertisers are ceasing to support the program — AT&T and Time Warner Cable, and two affiliates are dropping it — WSVN-TV in Miami and KCTU-TV in Wichita.

KCTU’s President/GM Ron Nutt commented, “Shortly after agreeing to carry EstrellaTV, it became clear that much of its content was so objectionable that, at one point or another, half of its viewership had called us with a complaint.  They are going for sensationalism.  If an English-language network put out this content, they would be asking for trouble.”

The groups have been filing FCC complaints against the program, and sent a petition to the FCC earlier in the year endorsed by more than 30 organizations. They said Liberman has been willing to discuss the program but has yet to pull it or clean it up.

“AT&T, Time Warner Cable and these broadcasters have sent a strong message by refusing to support a show that promotes such violence against our community,” said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. “Though we are encouraged by Liberman’s willingness to begin a dialogue, we continue to call on advertisers, broadcasters and the FCC to take a stand against this offensive content.”

NHMC has a video showing objectional program content that can be viewed here: