Watchdogs chase Glenn Beck all the way to the internet


Americans United for Change had a great deal of success convincing advertisers to stay away from Glenn Beck’s program on Fox News Channel. Now, they are going after the organization which provides a back-end home for Beck’s new subscription-driven website, which happens to be associated with Major League Baseball.

AUFC said, “With America’s game down to the final exciting innings of post-season, a new campaign from Americans United for Change is pressuring Major League Baseball to immediately end its unseemly relationship with hate-mongering media personality Glenn Beck. AUFC has launched a new website in response to recent reports that MLB Advanced Media, the interactive arm of Major League Baseball, is providing Beck with their coveted streaming video platform to stream his daily ‘GBTV’ show online.

Tom McMahon, Executive Director, Americans United for Change: “When it comes to unhinged anti-government conspiracies, fear mongering for personal gain, sexist remarks, and race baiting, Glenn Beck is in the Major Leagues — and certainly in a league of his own when it comes to disrespect for families of 9-11 victims.   That’s why it’s so troubling and disheartening that the good folks behind Major League Baseball would agree to what even FOX News couldn’t stomach to do any longer: providing Beck with a platform to peddle more fear and spew more hate.”

RBR-TVBR observation: From what we can tell, MLB is merely acting more or less as a common carrier – it also provides a home for a Bob Marley, ESPN3, a CBS March Madness site – and none of these are linked to the MLB’s own website.

Regardless of what you think of Beck, he has as much right to be on the internet as anybody else, and somebody is going to collect his rent check. There’s no sign that MLB is playing favorites here, and it might as well be the one collecting the check. We think this isn’t so much giving him a media megaphone as it is renting him an apartment.

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