Watchdogs welcome LPFM vote


Actually, Prometheus Radio Project isn’t just a watchdog, it’s an instigator when it comes to LPFM. Both that organization and Free Press were ecstatic about the committee win for low power outlets and are working to keep the Local Community Radio Act on the move.

 “We are sounding the alarm,” said Cory Fischer-Hoffman, Campaign Director at Prometheus. “Passage out of full committee signals that Congress is finally ready to act on local community radio. Now is the time for everyone who wants a voice in their community to urge their Congressional Representatives to support HR 1147.”

Promotheus took the occasion to remind that recently all five commissioners, Democrat and Republican, voiced support for the measure.

Free Press is soliciting small donations to support a strong lobbying effort on Capitol Hill. It says it already managed to get nearly 90 co-sponsors for the legislation in the House, and would like to take that number into triple digits. Plus it wants to continue building more support among organizations of all types across the political spectrum (and they have a point, since support for this legislation has been bipartisan).

But if you want to know who has been driving the issue, consider this Free Press statement: “We’re so close to a victory for better radio. We never would have made it this far without the amazing work of our allies at the Prometheus Radio Project.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Obviously the devil will be in the details, but we believe professional broadcasters should let this go and focus on more important matters, like, uhhhhh, well — PRA springs to mind.