Waterman Goes Lighter With JVC


JVC-CameraWanting to equip its multimedia journalists with lighter, high-quality cameras, Waterman Broadcasting chose JVC ProHD.

The JVC 33 GY-HM890 and 11 GY-HM660 cameras will be used for the co-located news operations of WBBH-TV (NBC) and WZVN-TV (ABC), which produce 14 hours of local news per day in Fort Myers-Naples (DMA #61).

The GY-HM660 includes an integrated IFB audio channel and video-over-IP capabilities, which allow reporters in the field to communicate with the studio while simultaneously delivering live HD reports. Waterman Broadcasting director of technical services Dan Billings said the new GY-HM660s will replace and expand MMJ camera resources, while the GY-HM890s not assigned to the field will be used in the studio.

Waterman also purchased a JVC BR-800 ProHD Broadcaster to support live video-over-IP ENG reports from the field. The Broadcaster server can receive and manage input streams from multiple ProHD and 4KCAM cameras.

The company tested other cameras earlier this year, but preferred the lighter weight and video quality of the JVC models. “Price to performance, there’s just nothing that can beat it,” Billings said.