Waywire Networks names new content partners


WaywireWaywire Networks announced the addition of 100 new branded channels to its network of branded and curated channels. With the additions, Waywire now provides 400 network feeds to its audiences and partner sites. The result brings another 100 content sources onto its video curation platform, and brings out total channel line up to 450 sources. Among the new content feeds offered to publishing partners and viewers — videos from The Guardian, Associated Press, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Sports News Television, Revision3, Funny or Die, and Broadway Video.

In making the announcement, Waywire is growing its partnership with Yahoo — expanding beyond the Yahoo Originals offering to include the entire suite of Yahoo Partner Content to the Waywire Network.

Waywire is also partnering with Rightster to bring 60 US and International sources to the network, strengthening the Waywire offering in news, entertainment and sports.

As consumers demand for video on their most traffic sites continues to grow, “The web is the new home for on-demand video,” said Waywire CEO Steven Rosenbaum. “We’ve arrived at a magic cross point that gives audiences the bandwidth and the devices they need to enjoy video where and when they want it. The question is, which publishers and new content entrepreneurs will emerge to serve those needs. The Waywire mission is to match audiences with content, and advertisers with audience. It’s a need that is currently underserved, with most site owners unable to produce video at the scale that their increasingly video hungry visitors seek. At the same time, content owners are looking for new paths to audience — so Waywire offers a solution that makes video work.”