Wazee Digital Commerce Gets A Relaunch


Wazee Digital’s portal designed to help rights holders maximize the value of their premium content by connecting with customers who need “iconic video” has just been relaunched.

The provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services now has a whole-new Wazee Digital Commerce tool.

With a new look and feel, Wazee Digital Commerce includes “significant improvements to the user interface and user experience” that simplify and enhance the search, preview, download, and purchase process for buyers and give sellers a better “storefront” for monetizing their content.

“One of our main goals is to simplify the user experience while remaining cloud-native, scalable, and agile,” said Wazee Digital CTO Greg Loose. “With this upgrade, we’re giving buyers an improved and modern search and navigation experience, and our suppliers have an enhanced way to display their content within a completely new and contemporary architecture that allows for frequent product enhancements.”

The new Commerce portal contains:

• A redesigned user interface
• • Faster search, preview, download, and collection management
• More intuitive navigation, including enhanced video playback, accelerated downloads, and simplified checkout.
• Scalable delivery services, resulting in improved turnaround times for orders.

Commerce encompasses content from more than 120 unique suppliers, many of which offer iconic, once-in-a-lifetime footage not available anywhere else. The portal is powered by Wazee Digital Core, the company’s enterprise software-as-a-service platform built specifically for the cloud.