Wazee Paves A Path With Veritone’s Advanced AI Offerings



A provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services has teamed up with fast-growing AI insights and cognitive solutions firm Veritone by offering its clients Veritone’s proprietary platform of advanced cognitive engines and applications.

The new alliance will allow Wazee Digital Core customers to leverage Veritone’s AI technology for automated metadata extraction and analysis, including speech-to-text transcription, face recognition, translation, object recognition, content moderation, and optical character recognition.

“We’re pleased to partner with Wazee Digital, particularly in the media and entertainment space, a market in which we both have domain expertise and demonstrated abilities to identify opportunities and deliver improved business efficiencies for our clientele,” said Ryan Steelberg, co-founder and president of Veritone. “This new relationship will give Core customers the power to enrich their owned and earned content easily and intelligently, in ways not possible until now.”

Core is Wazee Digital’s cloud-native digital asset management solution that serves as the foundation for all of the company’s services and capabilities.

The Veritone Platform is an open, extensible AI ecosystem. In concert with Wazee Digital, the Veritone Platform can be integrated into Core customers’ workflows to correlate and transform both structured and unstructured data, at scale.

With this partnership, Core customers can select which content to have cognitively processed, with the option to store metadata output as timeline data in Core as well as within the Veritone Platform.

The enhanced information will allow Core customers to discover moments more easily and ultimately license and deliver them from any system powered by Core.

By taking advantage of the Veritone Platform, Core users will be able to discover unique insights, dissect and analyze content programmatically and by multivariate search, and monitor media in near-real time. 

“We’re always striving to add features and technology that make our customers’ lives easier, which is why we’re so pleased to collaborate with a recognized leader in AI technology with proven success in media and entertainment,” said Andy Hurt, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Wazee Digital. “This partnership lets us focus on what we do best — media asset management and automated workflows — while a single integration point with Veritone allows us to leverage AI more effectively than we could before. The Veritone Platform will make it possible for Wazee customers to unlock previously unknown moments within their vast motion archives in a much more cost-effective and timely manner than manually tagging film and video assets.”