WBAI-FM suffers loss of three hosts


Our condolences to the WBAI family and listeners: Just three days after the Pacifica NYC host and community activist Ibrahim Gonzalez died Tuesday of undisclosed causes at 57, “The Pursuit of Happiness” hosts at WBAI John Littig, 47, and Lynne Rosen, 45, were found dead in their Brooklyn home after a suicide pact.

They were partners in self-help venture called “Why Not Now,” according to their website. The site describes Littig as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and personal life coach, and Rosen as a life coach, speaker and consultant.

Rosen also was the host of the once-a-month, hour-long show on the station. She was often joined in the studio by Littig.

In separate suicide notes, Lettig indicated that they were determined to die together, while Rosen apologized to her family, police said. But beyond that, why two people who made a living giving advice on how to lead more fulfilling lives decided to cut short their own wasn’t clear.

“RIP Lynne Rosen + John Littig. Partners on the air and in life,” WBAI wrote in a tweet. There were no mentions of it on their website yet.