WBAL reporter axed over altered video John Gibson


The Washington Post reports Hearst-Argyle’s WBAL-TV (NBC) Baltimore reporter John Sanders has lost his job after acknowledging that he doctored a video to make it appear that Fox News Radio host John Gibson had made a racial slur.

In the video, which was picked up across the Internet, Gibson seemed to be comparing Attorney General Eric Holder to a monkey with a “bright blue scrotum.” There had been chatter on Fox News earlier about such a monkey, which had escaped from a Seattle zoo.

Gibson, who had actually been discussing Holder’s comment about America being a “nation of cowards” on racial issues, said in an interview that the fake story has had a “personal” impact on him. “Jeez, people will believe anything,” he said. “These days it’s really dangerous on the Internet. These things go viral, and people don’t see the correction and the mea culpa. You can’t un-ring the bell.”