WBIX owner: Rennie was never an employee


Alexander Langer, President, 1060 Communications, which owns WBIX-AM Boston, issued a statement regarding a Boston Globe article last month that was noted by RBR and other publications:
“Recent articles in the Boston Herald have incorrectly stated or implied that WBIX was one of the radio stations that carried the program, “Your Money,” hosted by Gregg Rennie.  The articles left the erroneous impression that Rennie was a major WBIX host. In fact, in the list of all the stations mentioned, WBIX was the ONLY station that NEVER carried the daily program hosted by Gregg Rennie.  In addition: 
–          Rennie was never an employee or a daily host of any program on WBIX.
–          Rennie once hosted a short-lived one-hour Sunday program on WBIX, well prior to 2004 and well before the present ownership’s reacquisition of WBIX.
–          Rennie underwrote “Your Money” with Chuck Jaffe, which did air on WBIX in 2007/2008. Occasionally Rennie was a guest on Chuck’s show.
WBIX abhors the allegations against Rennie and has a deep empathy with his alleged victims.  For the past four years, the staff and management of WBIX have dedicated their lives and careers to overcoming the wreckage left by former owner, Bradford Bleidt.  Tarring the station with the alleged misdeeds of Rennie, a former minor advertiser on the station, is unfair and unwarranted.”