WBLI-FM host suspended for community-bashing


NY Newsday/AP reports a morning drive personality on WBLI-FM Long Island has been suspended for making a disparaging remark about the community of Mastic. The co-host, "Randy," went on about trailer trash jokes after a woman from the area won a free prize from the station on Wednesday.

"Did your pipes freeze under the trailer?" Randy asked the caller who won. The caller said she lived in a house and was "very angry" with him.

The station refused to reveal the broadcaster’s real name.

The station’s PD, Jeremy "JJ" Rice, said Friday that Randy was suspended for his remarks after he refused to apologize.

"He had a chance Thursday to apologize but he refused, so in the 9 a.m. hour he was pulled off the air by management,” Rice said. The weekday program ends at 10 a.m.

John Shea, WBLI’s station manager, told the paper Randy would remain off the air "until we have an acceptable apology from him."