WCSX Detroit launches “Faces not Numbers”


94.7 WCSX’s morning show Deminski & Doyle has started the “Faces not Numbers” project. D&D are collecting as many photos as possible of Michiganders and their families potentially impacted by the struggling auto industry.  Those who work the line, for suppliers, all related trades, even restaurants and retailers indirectly hurt by the auto crisis are asked to send in family photos via email, regular mail or through drop off locations.  Photos will then be turned into one long banner and presented to the federal government as a stark reminder of the human toll.

Deminski says, “60 days, 30 days, percentage of market share, loss columns, billions in loans…the numbers can make the politicians and the rest of America forget these are real people with real families that will be forever changed by what comes next with the troubled auto industry.  We’re putting faces to the numbers as a reminder of that.”

The classic rock station’s morning show has even adopted Bob Seger’s “Feel Like A Number” as the unofficial song of the campaign.