WDIV, WXYZ Detroit add mobile DTV


Detroit’s Mobile DTV channels on two local TV broadcast stations were officially launched 6/3 during a special event sponsored by the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC), which represents hundreds of broadcast TV stations throughout the country. In addition to an informative seminar about the technology staged for the benefit of automobile industry execs, the kickoff event included an in-vehicle demo showing a variety of Mobile DTV devices receiving the programs broadcast live from WDIV (NBC) and WXYZ (ABC).

Product development teams in the auto industry now have a local resource for testing reception of Mobile DTV in devices including specially-equipped in-vehicle infotainment systems, mobile phones, netbooks and laptops, DVD players, and other devices.

“The launch of Mobile DTV broadcasting in the Detroit market is critical for the success of this exciting new technology, because this is where decisions are made about the future of automotive infotainment systems. Complementing favorite recorded programs offered on DVD, the addition of Mobile DTV to an automobile will mean instantaneous access to local traffic reports, news, developing weather, and of course your passenger’s favorite shows. WDIV and WXYZ are taking a leadership role in the broadcast TV industry, and we’re delighted to add them to the list of stations around the country now offering Mobile DTV capability,” said Anne Schelle, Executive Director of the OMVC, which represents nearly 900 broadcast TV stations throughout the U.S.

The OMVC workshop for auto industry executives was co-sponsored by LG Electronics and Harris Corporation, co-developers of the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard.