We need more of this type of thinking


First of all, here is a great “Radio’s Unique Assets” presentation the Southern California Broadcasters Association.

Click the pdf link in the attachment box to the right.

Secondly, this weekend I was exposed to what I feel is one of radio’s biggest concerns.  “The perception of radio in the agency creative departments.” Creatives — like it or not — are obsessed with the internet, Public Radio and television.  They can not stand commercial radio’s heavy commercialization created mostly by 1-800/barter. An interesting sidebar, they would recommend, produce and buy radio if they paid the same rates the barter companies and 1-800’s/barter pay. If radio broadcasters will not sell them commercials at the rates paid by the 1-800’s/barter they would like them taken off the air, as they feel the sales impact of their costly highly produced commercials is greatly reduced.  “Why spend a fortune writing and producing an excellent commercial that will be running in a pod of obnoxious 1-800 numbers?”

Similar comments are made about cable’s “off the wall” channels that are loaded with 1-800’s. That’s why remotes where developed.

— Dave Logan, Director, Focus360LLC (212) 633-7782, [email protected]