WealthTV loses FCC appeal


Independent cable network WealthTV failed in an attempt to get an FCC administrative law judge to order four major cable companies to carry the network. Now it has also failed to get the FCC to overturn the ALJ.

WealthTV, whose corporate owner is Herring Broadcasting Inc., had filed complaints against Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Cox Communications and Comcast claiming that they had improperly denied carriage of WealthTV while favoring a competitor affiliated with the MSOs, MOJO. It wanted the FCC to require the MSOs to add WealthTV under specific terms and conditions.

The ALJ, however, found that WealthTV and MOJO were not similar and did not target the same audience. The ALJ also rejected the claim that the MSOs had discriminated against WealthTV.

WealthTV appealed the ALJ’s decision and added a new claim that the ALJ was biased. The FCC found nothing to support that bias claim and also ordered it stricken, since WealthTV had not raised the issue in a timely manner. It also denied all other grounds of appeal cited by WealthTV.