“Web Advertising 101 for Local Business” Seminars


Background: Off the record, most Broadcast managers agree that many local businesses, and even their own clients, are not properly pitched on the benefits of web advertising. Some even admit that many of their own clients, have never even been asked to buy the Broadcaster’s website. At the same time, many local advertisers realize they have to start spending online…yet they are skeptical on how to proceed, fearful of being burned, or are too embarrassed to admit they don’t know the landscape, terminology or basic tactics. So they do nothing. Unfortunately, many don’t trust a sales rep to "teach" them about web advertising. It’s like asking a barber if you need a haircut! 

Challenges: How can Broadcasters grow web revenues, as well as increase the size of their overall client base?
Solution: “WEB ADVERTISING 101 for LOCAL BUSINESS” Seminars, where local businesses listen and learn from an objective, 3rd party expert. In this case….Mel Taylor Media. Expert spends 60 minutes on demystifying web marketing, and makes attendees more confident about buying web. To protect credibility, outside expert DOES NOT directly pitch local broadcaster’s website. Local reps then close business on the spot, right after seminar.

– Immediate, incremental web revenue on the books
– More local businesses will buy web due to increased confidence with basics of web marketing
– Increase Broadcaster’s online ad mix, which motivates other local advertisers to step up.
– Media property seen as trusted local source of education/information, for advertisers
– Excellent sales reps training; they are better at playing consultative role
– Reps become much better at overcoming common objections
– Seminars slow ad migration to competing websites, directories and search engines

Brief overview on how to execute a “WEB ADVERTISING 101” Seminar
Topics covered by outside expert
– Changing media landscape; your customers are spending more time online.
– Basic Internet advertising terms
– Search vs. Branding vs. Message awareness vs. Click-thru.
– Popular online ad units
– Design, pricing, and performance of online campaigns
– Local case studies

Location & set-up
Select large hotel conference room, in convenient location. It’s less “salesy” than having seminar in your Radio or TV building. You can do up to 3 sessions in a day. You may want to consider 2 different locations, and 2 back to back days, if clients are geographically spread out and initial demand is high.

Who should attend?
Your primary target should be local-direct advertisers that have not used web advertising in recent past. Many of these targets will be current Broadcast advertisers.

How to Invite, and fill the room
Local retail sales managers and retail sales team have to take ownership of the seminar. Every sales person should be responsible for filling a table of 8 qualified clients per session, which would get them a bonus. Ensure that invitation copy points, and verbal invitations are clear about subject matter that will be presented. Example: “This is an educational seminar for local businesses just starting to consider web advertising. It primarily focuses on the basics of display advertising such as banners, video, & rich media. It’s NOT an advanced seminar.”

Develop custom research & stats. Make sure you have simple, easy to understand slides that provide the following info:
–  % of adults who use internet in your market. (chart of growth over past few years)
–  % of broadband/high speed use in your market
–  Top 10 ranker of local online media properties. ( Scarborough )   
–  Unique user growth and page view growth, over past 3-5 years.
–  Example: Show Broadcast reach number, plus online readership number. Show total REACH number of all if the local property assets.
–  Slide: “by using WXXX (Broadcast and online) you will reach (%) of local adults

Sales Packages
Create 3 simple ad packages; deeply discounted in the area of 40-60% off standard rates, w/ 6 month commitment. Packages need to be simple for advertiser to easily understand features/benefits, how each package is different, and why they should buy more than just a standard package. It is also critical for sales reps to fully understand these packages in their simplest form, since they will only have about 20 minutes to close clients on site, after the seminar.

The Official Seminar Session
–  Attendees arrive. Pick up name tag, register, enjoy food & beverages
–  Intro from publisher, GM, or ad director:  (3mins)
–  Expert (Mel Taylor) (60 mins)
–  Mel finishes, and then describes prizes to be given away in 15 minutes.
–  Mel introduces Internet Sales Manager who presents brief overview of local portfolio. Ex: main site, niche/hyper-local sites, etc )
–  Shows local rankers/stats
–  After 10 minute period to close deals, we then draw for prizes.
–  Thank you and goodbye……..Q & A after event
–  Total time from start to finish:  90 minutes.

–Mel Taylor www.MelTaylorMedia.com