Weigel Buys In Two Big West Coast DMAs


As astute RBR+TVBR readers likely know, “TV-49 Inc.” is an entity tied to Norman Shapiro’s Weigel Broadcasting Co.

Quietly and with no comment, the Commission on Friday (10/20) gave its approval to an application filed Sept. 11 that sees Southern California License LLC selling the channel-sharing agreement for KAZA-TV, licensed to the island municipality of Avalon, Calif., to TV-49 for $9 million.

Now, TV-49 is adding a pair of TV stations in Northern California and a pair of TV stations in the Pacific Northwest’s biggest DMA.

For a total purchase price of $23.2 million, TV-49 is acquiring the following stations from OTA Broadcasting:

  • KTLN-68, licensed to Novato, Calif., which is selling for $8.1 million
  • KAXT-CD, a Class A station at Channel 42 in San Jose, which is being sold for $2 million
  • KFFV-44 in Seattle, Wash., and KVOS-35 in Bellingham, Wash., which are being sold for a combined purchase price of $13.1 million

A 10% escrow deposit is being made to OTA Broadcasting by TV-49.

Language pertaining to holdback escrow was stricken from the Asset Purchase Agreement filed with the FCC on Oct. 25.

KVOS already has a relationship with Weigel, as it is the Seattle market’s home for digital multicast networks MeTV, Heroes & Icons, and Movies!

The stations were originally selected for participation in Auction 1000, the FCC’s incentive auction. However, no bids were made for spectrum in Seattle, while the San Jose area equally did not receive interest as originally expected from wireless communications companies seeing additional spectrum for increased data services.

There is no broker in this transaction.