Weighing fulltime staffing


Hi Jim,

First off let me tell you that your on-line Radio Business Report is excellent.  I enjoy the mix of news and editorial comment.

Secondly, I really enjoyed your piece "All Night Long" (1/30/08 RBR #20). Our station, KLQP-FM, Madison, Minnesota (pop. 1,767) in a county of 8,000 residents, operates 24/7 as we have since the FCC allowed "unattended" operation.  Before that we signed off in the evening and came back on in the morning.  If the rules are changed…we will go back to doing things the "old way." That would certainly be an improvement in service to the public wouldn’t it!!?? 

You recently had an article on "The Truth About Minot" which I have sent to my federal legislators.

I think there are too many folks working for the FCC that don’t realize stations have no obligation to operate 24/7.

Keep up the great work!

Maynard Meyer

General Manager


Madison, Minnesota