WELW flips to “Integrity Radio WINT”


WINTWilloughby, Ohio-based WELW-AM re-launched its identity as “Integrity Radio WINT.” This consummated a weekend of celebrating the station’s 50 years as WELW Radio 1330am, and is part of a transformation for the radio station that has long been well respected for its service to the communities served on Cleveland’s east side.

“We have always been very proud of who we are and what we do,” said Ray Somich, President of local owner Spirit Broadcasting LLC, “and we have had a number of engineers helping us to find ways that we can serve more people in a larger geographic area. They now have helped us finalize plans to significantly improve our coverage on 1330AM, and also add a new simulcast on an FM frequency.”

About 300 special guests attended a 50th Anniversary Celebration on Friday evening, including about 100 past and prior WELW staff members. Many others phoned comments into the studio on programs broadcast over the weekend. While they all expected to reminisce about what the radio station has accomplished over the last five decades, most were surprised to hear about the expansion. “We thought it was a fantastic way to announce our growth opportunities for the future,” said Somich. “WELW has impacted so many people over these years in a very special way, and now Integrity Radio WINT can add more value to more communities.”

As for its new identity as “INTEGRITY RADIO”, Somich says the staff is as passionate about that change as the call sign and the coverage expansion. “We have discussed what this means, and how when you wear your name on your sleeve, you need to live up to it,” he said. “WINT will deliver to our audiences programs, people and advertisers with integrity. Our family believes that our country is facing some serious challenges, and we want to do our part to sow more seeds of integrity everywhere we can!”

Station manager Ron Somich adds that history will help propel the future. “There are so many people who have worked or still work in radio and TV in Cleveland and across the country, who have their roots at this Lake County station,” he said. “We have been overwhelmed on how these people still fondly remember their years here, and they’re as excited as we are about these opportunities. Even those who have achieved great broadcasting success tell us that what we do here is pretty special and unique.”