Wendy's to focus on freshness in new campaign


After five marketing campaigns in almost as many years, Wendy’s is launching today a new campaign aimed at reviving its brand by stressing freshness and quality. Wendy’s tells WSJ the new campaign, its biggest in years, includes 25 TV and 23 radio spots, 16 billboard ads and a online promotions. The chain plans to spend about $75 million on the effort in the fourth quarter, according to people familiar with the matter. Wendy’s, part of Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, of Atlanta, will use the slogan “You know when it’s real” to tout the freshness of its food and poke fun at competitors.

One TV ad shows vignettes of fakes, including a man in a bad toupee and a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty, nestled between images of Wendy’s food. A jingle asserts: “We never freeze ’em like a hockey puck, or keep ’em stuck in a warming tray, like some others may.”

While continuing to publicize its cheaper offerings for much of Q4, Wendy’s says it will be running the new campaign, which will include ads promoting its new premium burger, the Bacon Deluxe.