West Virginia AM donated to Sadd noncom


A radio station owned by the Baker family, operators of Positive Alternative Radio and numerous other license companies, is being donated to St. Paul Radio Company, headed by Mark A. Sadd. However, despite the cash-free nature of the deal, a value has been assigned to it for tax purposes.

The station is WIHY-AM Hurricane WV. It’s a 1 kW daytimer located between Charleston (to the east) and Huntington (to the west).

The license company handing the station over to St. Paul Radio is Big River Radio Inc. Edward A. Baker signed off on the deal. Baker’s group will be able to report a charitable donation of $65K to the IRS once the deal closes.

The station will operate alongside St. Paul’s WLUX-AM Dunbar WV, which has 1 kW full time. Like WIHY, it is located to the west of Charleston, but is much closer to that municipality.

The Bakers are one of the hybrid breed of owners, operating both commercial and noncommercial radio stations, most often employing religious formats.