Western Maryland radio trio sold by receiver


SoldA one-AM two-FM radio group in extreme western Maryland was sold back in 2009. Now it’s being sold again under unfortunate circumstances. The stations are WMSG-AM & WWHC-FM Oakland MD and WKHJ-FM Mountain Lake Park MD.

The buyer is Broadcast Communications II LLC, headed by Robert and Ashley Stevens. The seller is court-appointed-receiver John Culp.

RBR-TVBR first learned of the deal from broker Ray Rosenblum back in May of 2012, but it has only just now been posted at the FCC. Rosenblum pegged the price at $775K. $40K of that will go into escrow, with $23.5K being paid in cash at closing and $16.5K being used as the first payment on a $751.5K promissory note.

The value of the stations seems to have decreased during the past three years. The trio was acquired by WMD Radiowerks pursuant to a contract of June of 2009. The price then was $830K, $747K of which was in the form of seller paper.

* WMSG-AM is a Class D on 1050 kHz with 1 kW-D, 75 W-N, ND
* WWHC-FM is a Class A on 92.3 MHz with 1.4 kW @ 689’
* WKHJ-FM is a Class A on 104.5 MHz with 1.5 kW @ 663’.

The stations are in so far west they are beyond the reach of Maryland’s largest regional community of Cumberland. They’re situated near the borders with Virginia and West Virginia and are also not at all far from the Pennsylvania state line.

Broadcast Communications owns three AMs and one FM in the Pittsburgh area.