Westwood One adds copy-splitting


Bringing spot radio flexibility to network radio, Westwood One announced it will be enhancing its radio network distribution system, shipping Media Access Xchange (MAX) receivers to approximately 2,000 affiliates across the country.  The new receiver is the latest version of International Datacasting’s (IDC) SuperFlex Pro Audio suite of products.

"The ability to copy-split during live sports proved to be a major success to advertisers in giving them unprecedented flexibility in their national campaigns," said Westwood One EVP/Network Sales, Paul Gregrey. "We are excited to build on that success, taking it to the next level and upgrading our delivery system to make every Westwood One program copy-splitable across the entire network."

MAX will also consolidate various services, currently provided by parallel infrastructures or outsourced, into a single, streamlined network.  The new system replaces an older, obsolete infrastructure. Deployment is scheduled in Q1.