Westwood One, Courtside offering "Bill O'Reilly's Presidential Town Hall"


Westwood One, in partnership with Norm Pattiz’s Courtside Entertainment Group, announced an exclusive three-hour special featuring current Republican Presidential candidates fielding interview questions from Fox News and Westwood One’s Bill O’Reilly (“Talking Points with Bill O’Reilly” vignette). The interactive program will also feature a live online straw poll where listeners can vote for the candidate of their choice.  Bill O’Reilly’s Presidential Town Hall will air on 11/7 from 6-9pm ET and will be available for broadcast exclusively via Westwood One.

Until 3/1/09, O’Reilly hosted a 12-2 PM radio show on Westwood One and Sirius/XM that had more than 3.26 million listeners and 400 affiliates.

“Bill O’Reilly knows the political landscape inside and out, and his Presidential Town Hall will bring his unrivalled wit and wisdom to radio listeners early in the campaign season,” said Rod Sherwood, Westwood One’s President.

“The program will feature tough interviews with the GOP contenders and then a live vote by folks using the net. I can’t wait,” added O’Reilly.