Westwood One signs Performance Racing Network


Westwood One announced a multi-year joint marketing agreement with Concord, NC-based Performance Racing Network (PRN) for ad sales, research and affiliations. The agreement adds the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series to Westwood One’s sports offerings. Both NASCAR series air from March through November.  With this partnership, Westwood One now has a year round presence in live play-by-play sports.

“We are pleased to partner with PRN to add motorsports to our program lineup and offer our customers a year-round schedule of play-by-play radio sports,” said Westwood One President, Rod Sherwood.

“We are thrilled with the growth potential this partnership brings to PRN and look forward to a long, healthy and mutually beneficial relationship,” said Doug Rice, president and general manager of PRN. “Although PRN will continue to self-represent for sales and affiliations in the majority of cases, this partnership with Westwood One will create some new opportunities for us.”