Westwood One signs with Jelli for advertising


Westwood One signed a multi-year deal with Jelli (jelli.com), which mixes traditional radio with social media, putting listeners in control of what goes on the air. Westwood will exclusively rep on-air ad sales for all local and nationally syndicated Jelli radio programming. Commercial air time within Jelli programming will be available through both the Westwood One Network and Metro Traffic divisions.

From the web or their mobile device (including iPhone), listeners use Jelli to vote for the artists and songs they love and want to hear, together creating dynamic playlists that determine in real time what plays. Local and nationally syndicated Jelli shows air on radio stations from coast to coast, including those in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Francisco.

Specific Jelli stations and their programs include:
KITS (105.3) San Francisco, CA: Sunday (Monday), 12midnight – 2am
WYSP (94.1) Philadelphia, PA: Monday through Friday, 7pm – 12midnight
WPST (94.5) Philadelphia, PA: Monday – Sunday 8pm – 12midnight
WKLS (96.1) Atlanta, GA: Monday – Friday 7pm – 12midnight
WBOS (92.9) Boston, MA: Sunday, 10pm – 12midnight
WKRL (100.9) Syracuse, NY: Saturday, 7pm – 12midnight
WJBX (99X) Ft. Myers – Naples – Marcos Island, FL: Sunday, 10pm – 12midnight
KDOT (104.5) Reno, NV: Tuesday – Saturday, 7pm – 12midnight
KTRS (104.7) Casper-Riverton, WY: Monday through Friday, 10pm – 12midnight
KENR (107.5) Missoula, MT: Monday through Friday, 7pm – 12midnight
WBLI (106.1) Long Island, NY: Sunday, 9pm – 11pm
KISN (96.7) Bozeman, MT: Monday through Friday 9am – 12noon
KNDE (95.1) College Station, TX: Monday – Friday 10pm – 4am, Sunday 8pm – 11pm
WJYY (105.5) Gilford, NH: Monday – Friday 10pm – 12midnight
KSMX (107.5) Clovis, NM: Monday – Sunday 7pm – 12midnight