WEWS-TV sports anchor Terry Brooks charged with rape


Scripps’ WEWS-TV (ABC) Cleveland is in the unusual position of reporting on the indictment of one of its own on-air staffers. Weekend sports anchor Terry Brooks has been placed on leave from the station after being charged with rape, attempted rape and kidnapping.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office says that Brooks and the victim, a 21-year-old woman, knew each other. The indictment alleges that sometime in early September 2009 Brooks took the woman from a bar to his home and had sex with her while she was too impaired to give consent. The alleged rape was not reported to police until January 2010. The indictment includes one count of kidnapping, four counts of rape and four counts of attempted rape.

“I am innocent of these charges,” Brooks told WEWS NewsChannel5 on Wednesday. He was placed on a leave of absence from the station during the investigation. Brooks has been at WEWS since 2007, having previously worked at stations in Tennessee and the Carolinas. He is married with a young daughter.

WEWS General Manager Sam Rosenwasser released this statement: “We learned late on Tuesday of the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s interest in legal action surrounding the alleged activity of Terry Brooks. Any hint of improper conduct by our employees is taken very seriously by the station and its management team. We will cooperate fully and completely with all investigating authorities in the interest of a resolution that is fair and just for all parties involved. At this time, we have placed Terry Brooks on a leave of absence until the facts are determined and we can evaluate his future with the station.”