WFUV finishes new antenna install


Fordham University’s AAA WFUV-FM NY (90.7 FM, is ringing in the new year loud and clear with improved reception.  Now that construction on WFUV’s main antenna is complete, signal reception throughout the listening area is clearer and stronger than ever before.  The station has received enthusiastic feedback from audiences everywhere from Westport to West Caldwell.  Listeners can send their comments about reception in their areas to [email protected].

“We’re very happy that construction on the main antenna is complete and now we’re looking forward to improving reception south of Midtown Manhattan and in Brooklyn even more with a new booster in Manhattan, ” said WFUV General Manager Ralph Jennings. “Hopefully, by late February, listeners in all 5 boroughs and surrounding areas will receive crystal clear reception of their rock & roots radio.”