WFUV fundraiser features first records


Here’s a unique fundraiser: Fordham University’s WFUV-FM NYC (90.7 FM, has been asking artists, station hosts and its listeners to name the first record they bought. Of course, in many cases it will be the first CD and for some, the first download!. Whether the first musical love was the pop of The Beatles (as is the case for R.E.M’s Peter Buck, Elvis Costello, Dave Mathews), the soul of The Foundations or the rock of U2, first records are often memorable rites of passage. The station is inviting listeners to tune in throughout its winter membership drive, from January 24th-30th, as the station plays music from “first records,” as well audio clips from artists, WFUV hosts and listeners, sharing stories about their first record and how it changed their lives. In connection to the nostalgic theme, at the end of the drive, one station member drawn at random will receive a turntable and a selection of vinyl records.

RBR-TVBR asked WFUV spokesperson Eva Dilmanian how they are tying in donation amounts with the theme of this fundraiser. I.e. Is it donate $20 and get your tune played; $50 and get on the air with your story?

She responded: “Listeners donations won’t have anything to do with getting their songs played.  The program directors will choose the best listener testimonials and those are the ones that will make it to air.  The theme is just a nice way to make the drive interactive and get listeners involved with the station.  The testimonials that air may or may not be from contributing listeners. WFUV does offer “thank you gifts” at various pledge levels.  You can view those here: “