WFXS-TV transmitter knocked off air


Davis Television’s WFXS-TV Wausau, WI (FOX) had a major failure of a piece of their transmission line that takes the signal from the transmitter up the tower to the antenna. It shorted and burned clear through. They found that the damaged section had about a 13" section of a weld blown out and melted. WFXS is still available in analog and digital on Charter Cable and they’ve arranged to have a Fox Affiliate from LaCrosse, WI placed on DirecTV and Dish Network locally until the problem is resolved.

A standby antenna being shipped be able to mount at a point below the damaged section, to get at least some signal back to the market. The antenna should have arrived over the weekend. Installation will start as soon as all of the parts arrive. They also have the replacement piece of the transmission line being manufactured and it should have been completed Saturday. Then it’s about a 21 hour drive from Maine to Wausau straight thru.

The goal over the weekend was to get as much signal out as possible in time for Sunday games.