WGA, AMPTP still talking; no breakthroughs



The WGA and studio reps for AMPTP have agreed to keep talking, and have been each day since they agreed to resume talks. However, we’re hearing there’s some stagnation. Reportedly, most of the discussion in the sessions held has amounted to how to agree to move forward in seeking a compromise on new media residuals. Said LA Weekly’s Nikki Finke: "There’s little more to say about Wednesday’s talks other than that, unfortunately. ‘This is not heading in the right direction,’ a mogul quoted his labor exec as saying to him yesterday. Another source told me, ‘It’s stalemated. Nothing’s getting achieved.’

I’m not sure people are aware that CAA partner Bryan Lourd all week has been at the hotel where the talks are being held. He’s working both sides in a form of ‘footstep diplomacy.’ An insider told me, ‘He keeps asking what everybody needs.’ This is what Lew Wasserman used to do during these things. Wasserman would say, ‘I want to know what you each need. I don’t want to know what you want. Go in the other room and tell me what you need.’"