WGA signs separate deal with United Artists


The WGA and United Artists announced their own interim bargaining agreement in a joint press release issued yesterday. The deal addresses new media as well, but does not extend to UA parent MGM.
Said UA CEO Paula Wagner, the producing partner of UA co-owner Tom Cruise: "This agreement is important, unique, and makes good business sense for United Artists. In keeping with the philosophy of its original founders, artists who sought to create a studio in which artists and their creative visions could flourish, we are pleased to have reached an agreement with the WGA."

Said WGA President Patric Verrone: "United Artists has lived up to its name. UA and the writers guild came together and negotiated seriously. The end result is that we have a deal that will put people back to work."

The Weinstein Co. is also preparing to seal a deal with striking writers. According to reports, Harvey and Bob Weinstein are waiting for UA to announce its deal  with WGA before revealing they have struck an identical pact–allowing both studios to hire striking writers.

TVBR observation: After the Worldwide Pants’ deal and now UA and Weinstein, it’s looking like this is the way things will get done, potentially marginalizing AMPTP. The final contract will be pattered after these separate deals, no doubt. If they can’t come to terms as a whole, then this will be the formula for all. Things will be happening pretty fast from this point on.