WGA strike may give weaker shows a leg up



A NY Times story pointed out a growing consensus among executives at the television networks–the strike could be good news for struggling, barely surviving prime-time series. "The strike definitely could be a good thing for some marginal shows," Preston Beckman, the executive in charge of scheduling for Fox told the paper.

That theory was seconded by execs at the other networks and some studios, off the record. Indeed, soon the networks will begin running low on original scripted episodes. "Any new episode will become an increasingly valuable commodity," said the story. "No network is going to waste bought-and-paid-for episodes. So the marginal shows will stay on until their episodes run out, which, in most cases, will mean sometime between now and the end of January."

Specific shows include first-season series like "Journeyman" and "Life" on NBC, "K-ville" and "Back to You" on Fox, "Big Shots" and "Carpoolers" on ABC and "Cane" on CBS. Likely holdover shows specifically include "Friday Night Lights" on NBC, "Men in Trees" on ABC, "’Til Death" on Fox and "Shark" on CBS.