WGA strikers get creative



A lot of WGA strikers are really getting into the effort, reports the NY Times, networking, taping YouTube videos, organizing theme days and dreaming up placard slogans.

"The studios think we are having a horrible time out here," Richard Potter, a screenwriter who made "Strike Dancing," a YouTube video showing pickets bebopping in formation to "Play That Funky Music," told the paper. "What’s actually happening is we’re having a great time."

The video is one of dozens on YouTube-most of them humorous-that are helping WGA win the PR war. A nationwide poll released 11/14 by Pepperdine University found that 63% of Americans sided with the writers.

There have been other attractions for striking writers. A special theme day, Picket With the Stars, drew celebrities like Ben Stiller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ray Romano in LA. Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams turned up in NYC.

WGA also helped organize impromptu concerts with folks like pop singer K. T. Tunstall outside an NBC parking lot in Burbank and Alicia Keys at a rally on Hollywood Boulevard.