What goes around comes around at FCC Wireless


Ruth Milkman was the Chief of the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau until she joined the staff of Chairman Julius Genachowski and made way for new Chief Rick Kaplan. But now Kaplan is leaving and Milkman is returning.

During his tenure, Kaplan worked on the DTV transition among many other things, and Milkman has been a key figure in television issues such as incentive auctions and the use of TV white spaces for unlicensed devices.

Genachowski commented, “For the past three years, Rick Kaplan has been critical in helping us navigate some of the most challenging, complex, and important initiatives at the agency – starting with the DTV transition to all things wireless to complex merger and acquisition reviews. As my Chief Counsel and then Chief of the Wireless Bureau, Rick worked tirelessly to develop sound policy and to unleash innovation, economic growth, and broad opportunity. Rick used all of his considerable skills – from his deep knowledge of the issues, to his strong strategic vision, and even a terrific sense of humor. We will miss his leadership at the agency.”

He continued, “We are so lucky that Ruth Milkman will succeed Rick. Ruth preceded Rick as Wireless Bureau Chief, taking on that role after years of extensive experience and major accomplishment inside and outside the FCC. Ruth has been a tremendous success at everything she has done, and we are fortunate that she will be taking the helm of the Wireless Bureau at a time of such enormous change and opportunity.”