What goes up must go down


After a Fed-fueled buying spree on Wednesday, prices floated back down to earth on Thursday, although you’d be hard pressed to decipher what was going on looking at broadcast results. Radio was all but flat, and TV actually enjoyed a small increase. A radio note – our index doesn’t go to hundredths of a percent, so the extent of the loss will be reported here: it was minus 0.02%.

The RBR Radio Index fell 0.128, or 0.0%, to 725.084.

The TVBR Television Index rose 3.197, or 0.5%, to 721.169.

Radio One, up 4.8%
Beasley, up 3.8%
Nexstar, up 1.9%

CC Media, down 3.2%
Emmis, down 2.8%
Saga, down 1.5%