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Michael DeLierTo the radio stations that accepted paid or unpaid schedules from Media Matters attacking Rush Limbaugh, his show and free speech, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Why are you working in an industry that has respected free speech, built its success on the freedom of speech and clearly must protect that right to maintain credibility, acceptance and pride? Why? Those broadcasters who built, and maintain this industry over the course of their careers I am sure are appalled. 

Obviously we are living in a very polarized and contentious period in broadcasting and our lives. It seems the assaults keep coming. The placing and acceptance of this type schedule is very reflective of this division. If your station accepted this schedule because of a financial need, you should find another industry where you can responsibly handle revenue growth. If you are a station or group that accepted this schedule out of ideology, then you too should find another industry where you are not encumbered with the responsibility and respect for free speech. Ever heard of serving in the interest, necessity and needs of a community?  Ever heard of that? Ever heard of community ascertainments?  Ever heard of equal and opposing views? I think not, or if you have…you regard them lightly!

To be used for a political agenda is not only insulting, is not only foolish, it is weak!!!!  Our industry has come under assault before, especially from the left who see what a majority of listeners want to listen to as not their right. Amazing, huh? Well, let me ask you this question, what will your response be when the assault comes your way??

–Mike DeLier has owned and operated a group of radio properties and managed television properties at the station and group levels. He currently is the President of The DeLier Group, a management consulting firm. Mike is also available for speeches, seminars, executive management and sales training. Mike can be reached at www.thedeliergroup.com

Editor’s note: We’ve heard the ads are being placed and will run soon, but haven’t run yet. This is why there are no specifics yet on what stations they’re running on. Stay tuned.


  1. So Mike DeLier doesn’t like free speech, and attacks anyone who wishes to exercise it. Imagine that.

  2. Mike DeLier wants to silence advertisers who want to call-out speech on radio that they don’t like. Media Matters isn’t the problem. Attitudes like Mr. DeLier’s are the problem.

  3. For a broadcaster Mr. DeLier is remarkably ignorant about what constitutes “free speech.” For example, no one, including Rush Limbaugh has a Constitutional “right” to broadcast on the public airwaves, nor to defame others, as Limbaugh defamed Sandra Fluke. Moreover, each and every American has the right under the First Amendment to protest the misogynist or libelous speech of others: THAT is the free marketplace of ideas in action. Remember what the free marketplace of ideas is? It means that others have the right to disagree and to inform yet others (such as advertisers) of their views. If such advertisers or station owners disagree they can ignore those protests: that is *their* right.

    What’s really going on in Mr. DeLier’s article is he wants his cake and to eat it too: to broadcast misogynist slander without consequences. Sorry, Mr. DeLier, but the First Amendment shields no one — including you, including Limbaugh, including Limbaugh’s advertisers — from any consequences of defamation and misogyny that may be visited by private persons on their wallets, only from *governmental* censorship.

  4. You should be ashamed of yourself. No one is attacking free speech except you, Mike DeLier. I notice you don’t give speeches for free.

  5. This is really an amazing testament to fear, locked in an attempt to bully. Mr. DeLier, you…

    1) Must be from the “right,” because of your comment “…especially from the left…”

    2) Continually mention “freedom of speech,” yet obviously do not realize there are limitation on speech when you sit in front of an FCC licensed microphone – ask Howard Stern, or the many jocks who have been forced off the air (or made to take sensitivity training) due to comments.

    3) Mentioning “Ever heard of equal and opposing views?” Is that not exactly what Media Matters is attempting?

    4) “serving in the interest, necessity and needs of a community” and “community ascertainments” are so thin as to not exist in today’s broadcasting.

    I can only image how you ran your stations. It was probably making sure nothing appeared on the air that contrasted with your beliefs.

    To wrap this, your statement “To be used for a political agenda is not only insulting, is not only foolish, it is weak!!!!” reeks of name calling, and is precisely what the Rush Limbaugh show has been doing for decades.

  6. Mr. Dardis.. I cannot contain myself from answering your reply to my article… I could go point by point and challenge your reasoning, however you show your hand under point 4.) The FCC requires all stations to serve in the interest, necessity and needs of their community!!!! You say that is “thin” as well as community ascertainments?? How is it possible that adhering to the requirements of your license and actively ascertaining the needs of a community would be “thin”? My bet is you’re not too keen on the U. S. Constitution as well.

    • No, you are right. I am a communist – exactly what folks like yourself like to call people who disagree. I am hateful of the constitution. Oh, and by the way, I’m also VIet Nam era veteran who happens to love my country.

      Now that that is out of the way, why is it you refuse to address the other points I mention? Is it the fear I spoke of in the opening? You have no problem extending energy to belittle me.

      Let me throw an accusation your way. I’ll bet you hate the U.S. constitution, but dream of a pure American race of people like yourself.

      Do you have any idea of how silly you and all your statements sound? They are similar to the absurdiities.i just wrote.

      Ken Dardis

  7. My question is: How can someone who attempts to intimidate, by public ridicule, congressional witnesses escape prosecution therefrom?

    Maybe the same way a fat old drug user, buyer and pusher escapes prosecution?

    The land of the rich guarantees the land of the free rich, I guess..

    • Is it every ethically right to “intimidate” anyone? It’s responses like this that show where certain people place the important elements of life.

      When, exactly, Candide43130, would it be appropriate to intimidate you?

  8. Mike…I enjoyed your commentary and agree 100% with you. I also cannot understand what in the world is going on today. Nobody thinks clearly anymore. Just look at the nasty comments here.

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