Whataburger's new campaign uses multimedia, multicultural


The ads, via Austin-based McGarrah-Jessee, will drop 10/12: The Texas-based chain was named third on Technomic’s list of fastest growing burger chains. That ranking could grow with this new outreach on mobile, Spanish language, online and traditional media platforms. The documentary-style campaign features actual customers and employees–Whataburger’s first in nine years.

From an idea brought to life by Whataburger team members and customers, crews filmed customers, employees, and food preparation during the course of a normal day of operations in more than 20 restaurants throughout Texas and Alabama, going behind the scenes to capture the authentic spirit of Whataburger.
It includes TV, radio, outdoor, and online advertising, in addition to PR and social media. The campaign expands Whataburger’s presence in digital media and mobile marketing with interactive ads on Hulu and Facebook. TV and radio ads air in markets throughout the 10 states in which it operates.

The new TV ads showcase the fresh, high-quality ingredients used to create the restaurant’s famous burgers, from garden-ripe produce, to freshly-baked bread and never-frozen, all-American beef. The ads give a behind-the-counter look at team members working the grill and slicing vegetables – and a dining-room view of customers reacting as they enjoy their favorite, custom Whataburger menu items. 

Whataburger will also use Spanish-language TV and radio. Via San Antonio-based FPO Marketing, the creative is not a translation of the English campaign, but a separate, parallel effort that features real Spanish-speaking customers and employees at Whataburger restaurants. The essence of the campaign showcases the personal interactions made at Whataburger every day, capturing the Hispanic culture, the Spanish language, and common feelings. 

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