What’s up with the upfront?


Yesterday, we spoke with Shari Anne Brill, SVP, Director of Strategic Audience Analysis, Carat to find out how the upfront is faring so far. She tells us that for  NBC’s in-front, there was very little information with regard to how the Leno’s new prime time show will be formatted, for content as well as ad time. “While the new talk/variety show was touted as being DVR-proof, the fact remains is that there was substantial audience loss during his late night talk show due to channel-switching behavior because of the long ad-breaks after Jay’s monologue.”

As to cable, she is very intrigued by the upcoming launch of OWN, “which I expect to outperform the audience to Discovery Health, the Network it will replace starting Q1 2010.”

She adds that FX has invested in a pretty impressive film library. “In addition, two new dramas in development could boost their fortunes (Don’t know air dates yet).  Both mesh well with the network’s brand image. The first is Lights Out, about  a former heavy weight boxer balancing the idea of a comeback with taking care of his family and the other is a project regarding a U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens, based novels written by Elmore Leonard.”

She tells TVBR that TNT has a new drama, “Hawthorne,” (Jada Pinkette) that shows promise. “The addition of this new drama along with the return of the Closer (season five and the second season of Leverage will ensure strong audience delivery.”

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