Where did the PPM in-tabs go?


After running along pretty steady for quite a while, in-tab numbers dropped in Philadelphia for the most recent week of PPM data reported. The daily in-tab had been well above 1,700 Persons 6+ for at least 12 weeks, even above 1,800, and then fell in Week 1 of March to 1,686. For non-ethnic 12+, the daily in-tab dropped below 1,200 for the first time this year. The weekly in-tab had been above 1,400 Persons 6+, then dropped to 1,243. Likewise, the non-ethnic 12+ weekly in-tab had been no lower than 1,044, but dropped to 905 in Week 1 of March.

RBR was in contact with Arbitron executives by email last evening, so perhaps we’ll have a full response for tomorrow’s issue.