Where Do Radio, TV Fit In Georgia’s Local Ad Growth Trends?


Local advertising spending in the state of Georgia will reach $4.1 billion in 2017 across the state’s six local markets.

That’s according to BIA/Kelsey’s updated 2017 U.S. Local Advertising Forecast.

Where are the dollars coming from?

BIA/Kelsey finds that the top 6 six vertical market categories, which include retail, general services, financial/insurance services, automotive, technology and restaurants, represent more than 73% of the ad revenue, with total local spending going across traditional and online/digital media.

How do broadcast media fare? Their share of dollars isn’t too shabby, but direct mail is a $1 billion business in the Peach State. This compares to $612.3 million for broadcast TV, and $467.3 million for broadcast radio — which trails both online media and mobile media solutions.

BIA/Kelsey conducted the research in June 2017.

“Like other places in the country, Georgia’s business advertisers still trend toward traditional advertising choices like direct mail and TV, however digital advertising continues to expand its share,” said Dr. Mark Fratrik, chief economist and SVP at BIA/Kelsey. “We see a major shift in ad spend over the next five years. For instance, we anticipate mobile becoming the number two media in Georgia, which will present numerous opportunities for local advertisers and ad platform solution companies.”
The BIA/Kelsey forecast also shows that the restaurant vertical in Georgia is projected to grow by nearly 21% through 2021 and that the category will put their ad spend primarily in these channels:
  • Mobile (+$49.8 million)
  • Online (+$12.9 million)
  • Radio Online (+$2.7 million)
  • E-mail (+$6.7 million)
  • Out of Home (+$2.7 million)

BIA/Kelsey released the findings ahead of a full presentation at its LOCAL IMPACT Atlanta conference on Oct. 12 in Atlanta.