KUFO-FM Portland, OR morning show sidekick “Porkchop” no longer has to worry about where his brother is. Ryan Homsley is safe, but under arrest.

The Alpha Broadcasting station had issued an appeal to listeners to help locate the brother of Noah Homsley, “Porkchop,” after he had identified his brother from a bank surveillance camera photo distributed by the FBI. The bank robber, who had used a fake bomb in his heist on Wednesday (9/22), had been nicknamed the “Where’s Waldo Bandit” because of the striped sweater and thick-framed glasses he was wearing in the photo.

Noah Homsley told listeners to the “Kidd Chris with Marconi Mornings” show that his brother has been a drug addict for years. On a Facebook page belonging to a Ryan Homsley, the man said he robbed the bank to “pay for my medical expenses.” Noah Homsley had appealed to his 29-year-old brother to turn himself in to police before he or someone else gets hurt.

As it turned out, the FBI only had to look as far as an area hospital to find Ryan Homsley and place him under arrest. An FBI statement said he had been a patient at the hospital since Thursday (9/23), but it didn’t explain why he had been hospitalized. He was due to appear before a federal magistrate after being released from the hospital.