White House, Fox News powwow


The potshots have been flying back and forth between the White House and Fox News Channel. Now comes news that FNC exec Michael Clemente paid a visit to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs at the White House. No details of the meeting were released. The meeting took place Wednesday 10/28/09.

Meanwhile, FNC anchor Shepard Smith apologized for a story which he said lacked balance, concerning the New Jersey gubernatorial race. Republican candidate Chris Cristie was interviewed; Democrat Jon Corzine was not.

Reporter Shannon Bream claimed that Corzine’s campaign had not responded to requests for an interview, but Smith made his comment anyway. A later report used a sound bite from Corzine.

Meanwhile, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett became the latest administration official to slam Fox, during an interview with CNN’s Campbell Brown, although she attempted to walk back her remarks.

RBR-TVBR observation: We do not know if Clemente required a white flag to safely make his entrance on White House turf. It will be interesting to see if the tenor of communications between WH and FNC shows any signs of change. We suspect it’ll be toned down for a bit, but that something will spark the feud again sooner or later.