Why Regional Repack Saves Time, Money


Cindy-CavellThere’s been discussion lately around the FCC’s time-frame for the broadcast incentive auction and subsequent re-pack and why a regional repack would make more sense than a total country-wide system.

A big issue, according to Cindy Hutter Cavell of Cavell, Mertz & Associates is not putting stress on the manufacturers’ infrastructure all at the same time.

She’s talking about the tower crews, and tower and antenna manufacturers needed for the big move.

“If there is a phased or regional approach to the re-pack, antenna and transmitter manufacturers can work at a steady pace and not be overwhelmed,” Cavell tells RBR+TVBR.

Another benefit of working regionally; there’s the potential of clearing spectrum in certain parts of the country where it’s needed most urgently first.

Efficiencies can be found in tackling the repack regionally, Cavell says: “The bulk of the available professionals in one region could be working in one area to get that portion of the project completed while other regions are in the beginning phases.”

Efficiency is needed to save everyone time and money, especially during the winter where outdoor tower can be done in warmer climates with a concentration of tower professionals and equipment.

A regional repack allows station groups that have assets all over the country to be able to concentrate on getting their stations repacked a few at a time rather than having to deal with 25 or 50 or 110 stations repacking all at once, she says.

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