Why Google is not out to “disintermediate” agencies


Google has the fifth highest market capitalization, after only nine years of existence. At the AAAAs last week, Tim Armstrong, Google’s North American president for advertising and commerce, tried to convince a skeptical audience that Google will not disintermediate agencies. Armstrong noted that with all of the services they provide to individuals and companies that want a quick, online way to grab up (for now) mostly remnant inventory, it may look like they want to take the media agency out of the equation. Instead, he insisted that has never been the case and never will be. Instead, Armstrong talked about the things that Google Analytics is doing for the agency community: “How do we take your secret sauce and spit out the information that will help you?”—that is the Google mantra to agencies.

There were a few examples given, one of which showed a county by county map of Texas that indicated which ones had the most searches for Hillary and Obama. The counties that included the Houston, Dallas and Austin metros seemed to show the most for Obama; the rest for Hillary.

More AAAAs coverage tomorrow, including an exclusive interview with Carat and Isobar US CEO Sarah Fay.