Why Radio Will Get Political Windfall in 2016


Money TreeWhich radio groups may see a political ad windfall?

Both radio and television executives anticipate hotly contested races will benefit their stations in political ad dollars later this year.

Noble Markets Group Analyst Michael Kupinski tells TheStreet radio’s reputation as a “call to action, get-out-the vote rally” will benefit several groups, especially iHeartMedia, Cumulus Media and Salem Media Group. CBS too, will benefit because of its joint television-radio footprint.

Democrats and Republicans tend to use radio advertising differently, but both parties will use it heavily at the end of the race.

Moody’s Investor Service Analyst Carl Salas tells TheStreet “Radio is being recognized as an effective and large-reach medium. It doesn’t get as much spending as television, but it’s going to do better than it has in the past by a factor of 40% or more.”

He and other experts add that media buyers for political campaigns are discovering formats beyond talk for their ad buys.