Why stop with LPFM?


So now we have a reserved band for non-commercials and we have LPFMs reserved for non-commercials, and we have non-commercials all over the “commercial” band to include favorable treatment for the utilization of translators. It is clear that certain elements of the FCC, the courts, and Congress would be just as happy to see commercial operators put out of business completely. It seems to me that it’s time to level the playing field.

Open up the entire broadcasting spectrum. Let all operators, commercial or non-commercial have equal access across the board. While they’re at it, open up opportunity for ownership, localism, and diversity by bringing back tax certificates, roll back the concentration of ownership, eliminate the so-called “unjust enrichment” penalties — in fact let’s just do away with auctions completely since that is a gamed system anyway — and let’s allow collateralization of licenses.

Brett Miller

General Manager

MCH Enterprises, Inc.

Paso Robles CA